72" (6Feet) Latex Advertising Balloons
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These heavy gauge balloons are specially made to hold helium for extended periods of time outdoors.
(Requires 70 cubic feet of helium)
We proudly sell TUF-TEX brand latex Balloons.
The most durable & long lasting balloons in the industry
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72" BLUE
72" Green Latex
72" Orange Latex
72" RED
72" White Latex
72" Yellow Latex
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advertising balloons wholesale
Use Zip ties  to close
Jumbo Balloons.
(Not Included)
8 Ply Cotton Twine Cone 10,000 FT
18" "SALE" Promo Balloon 10pk
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Add Pennants to your
balloons Watch your
sales soar
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SINCE 1985
1-72" Red Balloon 2-60ft Banners
When Balloons go Up
Sales Go UP!!!
72" - 6 Foot Big Giant Round Latex Balloons, Round and Durable Lower prices Faster Shipping BalloonsFast.com
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Balloon Gizmo™ solves many of the
problems associated with traditional
helium inflated balloons:

Use air not helium
Stay inflated 50%-80% longer
Always fly high, even in severe weather
Environmentally safe
17" round tuf tex latex balloons by Tuf-Tex. Long lasting high quality durable latex balloons.  Round latex balloons, 17" Latex balloons.
BalloonsFast.com latex balloons and Qualatex
latex balloons. Balloons online store.

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72 inch 6 foot latex balloons
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