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How to order Bulk Packs
1. Write down item #'s or descriptions
from any 18" non-licensed mylar
balloons from entire site.
2. Select desired bulk pack.
3. On payment page write down items
in the comment to match bulk pack
4. Submit order.
Latex Bulk packs Packs Below Insane Deals
11" Tuff-Latex Pro Assortment 30 bags
30 of the 100 count Premium
Latex balloons in the following
orange,white,purple,pink, &
baby blue. Or assort your own
Only $11.50 Per Bag
100 Count Bags
11" Tuff-Latex Starter Assortment 15 bags
This Latex Starter Pack includes:
15 of the 100 count Premium
Latex balloons in the following
red ,blue, black, yellow,
orange, white, purple ,pink &
baby blue or assort your own
Only $12.50 Per Bag
100 Count Bags
How Do I order  a Bulk pack and
select my own colors??

1.Select order now add it to cart.

2. Upon checkout type in your choice
colors in comment box on payment

3. Submit order.
17" Tuff-Tex Bulk Pack Discount 30 bags
Want to pay less for your 17" balloons?

Order this 30 bag bulk discount pack.
$15 per bag
72ct Bags
15 Spool Ribbon Assortment
Get 15-1500 ft spools
and save $15. That's
less per roll. Select
colors in the check out
page under comments
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17" Tuff Tex Bulk 15 Bags 1,080 Latex Balloons
Tuff-Tex the strongest
longest lasting balloons
in the industry. Last up to
20 hrs in intense heat.
Car dealers 1# choice.
72ct Bags
Only $15.50 per bag
20 Bag Bulk Pack 2,000 11" Latex Balloons
$8.50 Per BAG!
Mylar Bulk Pack
1000 18" 2-sided self sealing Mylar balloons.
Select from any 18" Mylar Balloons packed in
10on the entire site.  .45c each
Not eligible for Free Shipping offer
17" Pro MegaTex 30-2,160 Balloons
$13 Bag
72ct Bags
2,160 Balloons
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SINCE 1985
5 Bag 11" Bulk Pack 500 Latex Balloons
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50 Bag Bulk Pack 5000 11" Latex Balloons
$8 Per Bag Value
Flat Rate Shipping
$8.95 Anywhere in the Continental US
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